Maybe you’re new to buying a spa or hot tub, but really want one. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you not sure where to start? Not sure what features are important to have in a hot tub?

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In the hot tub and spa industry, we think there’s one product in particular that rises above the crowd and tops all other products and manufacturers. It’s the one that everyone is talking about because of its quality, easy maintenance and incredible features.

In short, it’s a hot tub and spa lover’s dream and the destination of choice for a therapeutic, relaxing and reinvigorating soak.

We’re talking about the Strong Spas Premium Series Madrid 60. It’s our top-selling hot tub and spa and is the number one choice for second-time buyers.

You read that correctly: The number one choice for second-time hot tub and spa buyers. We’re giving you free insider’s information by telling you how popular the Madrid is among people who are making their second hot tub and spa purchase. This is so valuable because they’re the ones who know exactly what they’re looking for and know precisely what they want.

Why second-time buyers like the Madrid

Second-time buyers can be pretty savvy when it comes to buying a hot tub and spa. They know all too well things not to like about owning a tub and spa because maybe the first time around they didn’t buy from Strong Spas.

That means they didn’t get our signature DURA-SHIELD™ hardcover. Instead they bought a model with a soft cover, which really is nothing more than a dealer’s way to charge a hot tub and spa owner another $300 to $500 every two to three years when they need to replace it. (Link:

This is exactly why our hot tubs and spas with a hardcover are an essential feature for second-time buyers. You buy it once and you never have to replace it. It has everything you want in a hot tub and spa cover — and probably more.

What you’ll like about it is it’s super protective, built to protect your hot tub and spa from all kinds of weather and other things that may damage your happy place. It’s durable and safe, so you get peace of mind.

The Madrid means hot tub and spa efficiency

Our DURA-SHIELD™ hardcover is as easy to open as a car door. You read that right: The Strong Spas DURA-SHIELD™ hardcover is as easy to open as a car door. That’s a huge selling point right there, anyone who’s struggled to lift and remove their hot tub cover knows.

Another key point is the DURA-SHIELD™ hardcover retains more heat. That means lower energy bills and money in your pocket. Who doesn’t like saving on energy bills and more money?

With the Madrid, though, we don’t stop with the DURA-SHIELD™ hardcover.  Dura might as well be the Madrid’s middle name.

Madrid features the DURA-LAST™ Cabinet and DURA-BASE™. The DURA-LAST™ Cabinet is really what made Strong Spas what we are today.

The DURA-LAST™ Cabinet was the first to market to use the innovative rotational molding cabinet system with an acrylic shell. We’re still the only hot tub and spa manufacturer in the world that has this level of technology-driven innovation.

When you combine all these features, it creates the a hot tub and spa that recycles heat like nothing else on the market. It’s super-efficient and gives you the added bonus of much lower energy costs.

Here’s why:

—The thickness of the acrylic shell is the best on the market

—Our Strong Spas proprietary foam fill between the components and a cabinet matched with the base that’s 10 times thicker than the standard base causes the heat to stay in the hot tub and spa.

That’s heat that stays in the hot tub and spa for you to enjoy.

It’s why everyone is talking about the Strong Spas Premium Series Madrid 60. And why right now you probably are too.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, here’s more information on the Strong Spas Premium Series Madrid 60:

Not all Strong Spas owners are created equal. We wish it were so. We really do.

We wish that becoming a Strong Spas owner meant you automatically know how to unplug, relax, unwind and enjoy life … in a Strong Spas hot tub.

Some of you know what we’re talking about. You’re nodding your head and immediately drifting off into pleasant thoughts of soaking blissfully while you’re recharging your mind and body in your Strong Spas hot tub.

And you’re doing this alone. Or with family. Or with friends. Or all of the above.

You know that the company you keep doesn’t matter because the end result is always the same during a Strong Spas soak: Relaxed yet invigorating pleasure.

Now that you’re wondering how to experience this, we’ve got the advice to help you. We break it down into five easy steps because we believe relaxing in a Strong Spas hot tub is essential to a high quality of life and good living. So we’re making this really simple for you.

Step 1: Become a Strong Spas owner. Like we said, we make it easy for you. Our Strong Spas collection of hot tubs are superior in quality, innovation and durability and manufactured to the highest specifications.

Strong Spas hot tubs are for any lifestyle and are an investment that pays continual dividends. We’ve thought of all the little things to take the worry out of owning a hot tub. It’s easy, affordable and a smart move. But really, you can’t put a price on pleasure, relaxation and inner tranquility.

Step 2: Set up, fill with water, plug in and unplug. If that sounds too easy, it’s not. At Strong Spas, we are serious — intensely focused even — about improving your quality of life.

That’s why our American-made Strong Spas hot tubs are so easy to install, operate and maintain. Our vision, technical expertise, and engineering and manufacturing skills culminate in the peak hot tub experience. Try it and see that it really is true: Just set up, fill with water from a garden hose, plug in and unplug.

Step 3: Take your vacation days. Did you know that more than half of all workers in the U.S. didn’t take all their vacation days in 2016? That’s according to data from the U.S. Travel Association and it’s mind-boggling.

Quite frankly, we’re working too much. Basically we’re cheating ourselves out of finding our inner tranquility and relaxing enjoyment by not spending those hard-earned vacation days in a Strong Spas hot tub. Don’t shorten your lifespan by not taking vacation days and spending them in a luxuriant Strong Spas hot tub.*

Step 4: Turn off your smartphone notifications. This is absolutely essential. We know this because we’ve tried it. It’s amazing.

When we don’t know if someone is emailing, texting, calling, posting and tagging us on every single one of our social media channels and otherwise bothering us, often for no good reason, we enter this rare state of consciousness called “being oblivious.” If you’ve never experienced “being oblivious” while soaking in the height of the luxuriant recharging that comes in a Strong Spas hot tub, you just haven’t lived yet.

Step 5: Have a Strong Spas reset. Leave work at work. Chase away the “Sunday night blues.” Recalibrate in a relaxing soak. Loosen up those strained back and leg muscles with a therapeutic Strong Spas session. Soothe your neck tension. Enjoy a quiet conversation. Laugh with family or friends — or both.

See where we’re going here? We could fill a book with reasons for, and benefits of, time spent in a Strong Spas hot tub. You can write your own book. It starts with becoming a Strong Spas owner. Link:

*We have no scientific data to support the assertion that spending vacation days in a luxuriant Strong Spas hot tub leads to a longer life. It’s more or less just a feeling we have.

Experience Tranquility

Now that you know how to unplug, you’re ready to get plugged in to the Strong Spas experience.