For spa owners, the enjoyment of taking a relaxing, therapeutic soak is the goal. We’re pretty sure that a surge in your power bill is not anyone’s goal when it comes to hydrotherapy.

To help you not freak out at bill-paying time — at least when it comes to power bill-paying time — we’ve got some easy-to-follow hacks for you.


When you’re in the icy grip of winter and you’re trying to keep your house warm, you don’t leave a window cracked and let the cold air in. It’s no different with your spa. If you have a loose-fitting, or cheap cover, you might as well watch your power meter go round and round faster.

The Strong Spas Dura-Shield™ spa hard covers are not only super strong, they’re also engineered to provide the toughest protection and are the ultimate in thermal efficiency. They’re fully insulated with closed cell foam. The result? Heat stays in and cold stays out. That is very helpful to your power bill.


Wind has a cooling effect on your heated spa when it blows over it. It also works as an evaporator. The result is you have to put more water in it and reheat it. The wind can also get into your spa if it’s not sealed properly and it can affect the heating ability of your spa. To combat the wind, consider installing a windbreak around your tub. Whether it’s a fence, privacy panels, a hedge, or something else, a windbreak can do wonders for the efficiency of your spa.


Two degrees isn’t much. But it turns out that it can make a big difference in your spa’s energy consumption. Spas can be set to 104 degrees. But just turning your spa down to 102 degrees will naturally require less power to heat the water. Will you even notice that two degrees? There’s only one way to find out — try it.


Dialing down your spa settings is another simple way to conserve energy. If it seems obvious, well it is. You can turn down your spa during periods when it’s not in use such as when you’re away or on vacation. You can turn down the heat in summer as well.

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So, you are considering buying one of our Strong Spas…

What time is the best time to use one? Breaking down the seasons and benefits of #goingstrong!


There is snow on the ground and brisk weather conditions… summer is over, and it is now the season of shoveling and snowed in nights. With temperatures in single digits, muscles get tense and moods lower. It makes sense that everyone would need a pick me up at the end of the day.

What better way to defrost after a long cold day than a quick soak in a hot tub. Watch the snow fall while you stay warm in 101°F water. But what about when the snow falls? Will your cover take the weight of the heavy wet snow, or will it get damaged after the first Nor’easter that comes your way? Rest assured that when you buy a Strong Spa, whether it is the Elements, Premium, Summit, or Dura-Sport Series, that your Dura Shield™ will keep you covered! Our patented technology hardcover system is the best in class when it comes to protecting against the elements, with a lifetime warranty to boot!


Let your worries melt away into…


The weather is warming up but not quite the heat of summer. Long gone are the days of shoveling. However, the sunshine outside does not match the bitterness of the cold temperatures. You walk out expecting summer, yet get a rude awakening with the cold grasp of winter. Summer is right around the bend, and you yearn for its warmth.


This is the time for you to slip into a spa to help ease into warmer temperatures! Enjoy the sunshine and longer days that spring has to offer with a Strong Spa! If you suffer from seasonal allergies, let the heat help open your sinuses to ease sinus congestion, pressure, and headaches.


The temperature is rising and so is your to-do lists! With the nice summer weather comes a range of tasks ranging from get-togethers to countless days of mowing the grass! Whether it is hosting parties or having a few friends over, outside entertainment is always a plus!

Have two or three, or even five guests wanting to take a dip in your tub? You can fit them all including you, in on our tubs! In particular, our Plus models can hold up to seven people at once! Have fun with all your friends this summer while relaxing and unwinding at the same time!


One day the weather is in the 70’s, while the next day it is in the 50’s. Temperatures drop quickly during the fall, and with weather conditions like this, more illnesses seem to occur, such as the dreaded flu season. Taking vitamin C supplements and keeping hydrated are two key factors in playing it safe. However, you could do more!

Dipping into one of our spas boosts your immune system! Research shows that soaking in a hot tub decreases stress which could be linked to an increase in your immune system. Being proactive about your health by setting time aside to relax and enjoy our spas in the convenience of your home could create lasting effects on your health overall.

You lift up your cover and what do you see?

…Bubbles and not the good kind!


You try to scoop out the bubbly foam out and yet, the bubbles just keep coming back. Leaving you questioning how did this happen? An onset of the suds are annoying and can come out of the blue. Yet, with the right steps this can be prevented! Before you start dumping expensive chemicals into your spa consider these tips to help freshen up your water keeping it crystal clear!

1.Consider Your Detergent

More often than not, our bathing suits and swim trunks are the culprits to what is causing the suds in your tub. When you use too much detergent or fabric softener in your washing machines cycle, this can cause the excess soap to not wash correctly, resulting in leftover residue in clothes and your machine.

Combine leftover detergent residue with the power of our jets, and you have yourself a foaming Strong Spa on your hands. Consider using less detergent on your next load of laundry next time – you’ll be surprised with the outcome!

2.Body Products

Shampoos, conditioners, body washes – these all affect the chemical balance in your water! The more beauty products you use, the more likely buildup can occur. This build-up could lead to a sudsy situation.

Try to rinse off your body before you head into your tub to minimize the residue you introduce into your spa! In addition, regularly rinse or replace your filters to be proactive against product build-up.


Spilled your sweet tea? How about your wine or beer? While there is nothing wrong with indulging in some ice-cold drinks, spilling drinks however, can lead to foaming water inside your Diamond Series Spa!

Make sure you utilize your cup holders to minimize your risk of spilling! Turn on your LED lights located around your cup holders as well to make sure you don’t misplace your drink!

4.Cheap Water Chemicals

We all love saving money! However, with cheaper chemicals comes more buildup of body oils and dead skin. Spa chemicals are something not to skimp out on. Cheap chemicals could lead to costly damage, or needing to invest in more products to be used to clean your spa. On our online Strong Spas store, we have all the chemical products you need to shock, treat, and maintain a healthy and cost-effective water treatment system with your spa. Using the right products, the first time ensures fewer chemicals purchased over time and a healthier water system that is better for your skin! This saves you time, money, and an overall better spa experience!

5.Poor Water Maintenance

Low calcium hardness could be terrible for your motors and equipment, which can also lead to bubbles forming in your tub. Make sure you test your calcium levels frequently Test strips help to accurately test your water levels in one, easy step!

Whether your levels are low or high, the management of your pH level is extremely important. Imbalanced levels can lead to a foamy tub. Making sure to keep an eye on your pH levels to ensure a clean tub for future use.


When you invest in a Strong Spas spa, you can be confident you’ll enjoy a peak hydrotherapy experience that’s heavy on both relaxation and fun and takes the stress out of your hectic days.

It’s a great lifestyle choice that will add a healthy dose of wellness and fulfillment to your life, as well as your family and friends or whomever you choose to share your Strong Spas experience with.

To achieve optimum performance and longevity from your Strong Spas hot tub, you’ll want to be sure to take care of it with regular maintenance. That’s only common sense and we’re sure that’s your intention.

We also understand that things can get away from you. Cleaning and maintenance of your spa may fall through the cracks in your busy and connected life. You may go too long in between your spa cleanings, water treatment, or general upkeep.

Next thing you know, the water in your spa can appear to be discolored — that’s algae — or you’ll have a mold or mildew problem that can be slime on your spa shell or discolored patches.

Don’t worry, it’s not too late to correct things. But we strongly suggest not putting off any longer taking care of the issues and going into cleaning and correction mode.

At the first sign of algae, you’ll want to shock your spa water with a sanitizer. You may have to take the next step, however, and drain your spa and thoroughly clean it to include the jet nozzles and the filter. Your filter may also need to be replaced.

These are the basic steps you can take to correct any algae, mold, or mildew problems that have unexpectedly reared their ugly heads.

There’s one thing you can do, however, that is virtually a foolproof way of ensuring your Strong Spas experience will always be top shelf. It’s something that’s obvious, but also takes commitment and consistency.

The best way to deal with algae, mold, and mildew in your spa is prevention. It’s doing the little things, like checking water quality before you use your spa by using testing strips to measure alkalinity and pH levels. You can then easily correct these issues by balancing the chemicals.

Another little thing to fight the onset of algae, mold, mildew, or bacteria is something you should do occurs after you use your spa: Be sure to add a sanitizer.

Beyond that, get into a regular maintenance routine. Things like clean the filter thoroughly once a month and put some elbow grease into cleaning your spa cover — both sides.

Then two or three times a year, depending on frequency of use and how many people are using your spa, you can drain your spa, scrub it, and then refill it.

Another little thing to consider is to have an annual maintenance inspection by a professional. This is simply to ensure you’re not having any major or minor problems and to prolong the longevity of your spa.

The important thing to remember is that you’ve made an investment when you purchase a Strong Spas spa. Love it, care for it and it will love and care for you right back.

Download and review our manuals for helpful instructions on upkeep and maintenance.

It all starts with a vision. An idea to increase your property’s value by taking your outside space to the next level. But can a spa really take you there? Can adding a Strong Spa to your outdoor space actually increase the value of your home? With proper planning and a well-executed vision, you’ll find that adding a spa will not only enhance your outdoor experience, but can also add tremendous value to your property.

It’s no secret that home renovations can be risky and expensive, but studies show that successful outdoor renovations can add serious value to your home. According to a Virginia Tech study published by the SF Gate, a successful landscaping project can add upwards of 12.7% or $38,100 for every $300,000 of the sale price. So what’s the key to outdoor value? VISION. Rather than making your spa seem like an impulse buy that just sits in the corner of the property, the key is to incorporate your spa as a major focus of a well-designed outdoor landscape. Best practices to execute that plan can vary based on the owner’s interests and his or her target buyers, but here are a few ideas to maximize the appeal of your outdoor landscape and add serious value of your property:


A spa is most likely going to be the largest and most expensive piece of your outdoor space, that being said, it’s important to design the rest of your landscape around the spa. Popular strategies are to introduce the spa with a beautiful stone or brick walkway. More elaborate ideas include surrounding the spa with a finished deck or placing it underneath an arbor or terrace. Keep in mind the color and design of your spa’s exterior so as to stay consistent with your vision.


Finding the proper placement for your spa is also very important. Avoid placing it far from the house, off in a secluded corner, or randomly somewhere in the center of the lawn. These placements will only make it harder and more expensive to design the surrounding landscape and will likely discourage you from using it in the colder months. Best practices would be to keep the spa close to the house, while utilize a single existing wall or railing. This placement allows easy access to the spa and still gives you plenty of options for the surrounding design.


It’s important to remember that there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter model for designing your outdoor space, so just have fun with it! Many beautiful spas are completed with a simple surrounding moat of pebbles or seashells. Other popular ideas include using nearby furniture or well-maintained plant-life to augment their spa’s appearance. Of course there’s always everyone’s favorite: FEATURES! Lights, speakers, fountains, waterfalls, and dozens of other dazzling features could be just what it takes to push a potential buyer over the edge and add tremendous value to your outdoor space.

Whether you’re looking to sell, or have plans to stay long-term, adding value to your property is always a plus. Instead of keeping the outdoor space as an afterthought, consider the benefits of making the outdoor space the focal point of your property. create a vision, enact a plan, and have fun watching your property value soar!

Making great moments are all about seizing opportunity. “A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something” is a great definition of opportunity (Thank you Webster’s!).

As you’re considering investing in a Strong Spas spa, we want to help you seize the opportunity — and make future great moments — by outlining the set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. In this case, it’s making that Strong Spas purchase.

Here are the key factors to consider to help you select the spa that is best suited for you and your lifestyle.

1) Location

Location actually entails a number of factors. These include the amount of space you’ll need for your spa, which can affect the size of your spa. Other factors include where you want to put it and if that area is a deck that needs to be supported or reinforced, the proximity of access to an electrical supply, and even if you want the spa to be a focal point of your backyard.

Some other things to consider about your spa’s location include your climate. If you live in a warmer climate, you’ll want an area that’s shaded for your spa. In a colder climate, you’ll want a spot that’s close to where you go in and out of your house.

Do you want it covered to protect it from the elements, or do you live in a warmer, more arid climate and want to gaze at the stars?

The view from your spa is another factor, as is whether you want it to be the focal point of your yard or want it to take a back seat to other things in the yard.

2) Fit

Not only is it important for you to decide where you want to put your spa, but also factor in how big you want it to be. If you go big, will it fit where you want it? Do you even want to go big?

If you envision your spa as a retreat where you can quietly recharge, you’re probably in the market for a smaller-sized spa. If you see your spa as a place to socialize and for recreation, then you’ll want a bigger spa that seats more people. With a spa that’s a part of your socializing lifestyle, it will also be important to have room for amenities that can range from a grill, to outdoor furniture, even activities in the yard.

Strong spas has a number of product lines and sizes that can meet your lifestyle and vision.

3) Purpose

Pretty much whatever you want or need in a spa, Strong Spas has a spa that can suit your desires. Strong Spas has varied seating styles, a wide range of jets that can vary in number and location, LED water columns and custom-molded waterfall, exterior lights and cup holders, and we could go on.

The determination you can make is what’s important to you and the lifestyle you’re pursuing. Our custom-built spas can meet every one of your needs and allows you to customize your hydrotherapy experience.

As we mentioned earlier, one of the considerations is your lifestyle and how you envision your spa meeting your expectations. We have plenty of information on our website about our spa lines and their extensive, luxurious features to help you make your decision.

4) Budget

We don’t believe you can put a price tag on great moments. That said, we understand every Strong Spas buyer has a budget. That’s why we’ve developed a number of product lines and spas with various enticing, invigorating features to meet each of our loyal customer’s budget.

We can also help walk you through the considerations that include spa price, maintenance and energy costs — we pride ourselves on the energy efficiency of our Strong Spas hot tubs — and other factors that will give you ease of comfort in making your purchase decisions.

You’re ready

Now that you have the information you need to make your decision to invest in a Strong Spas hot tub, isn’t it time to seize the opportunity? Feel free to download any of our brochures or give us a call with your questions and we’ll help you as you seize your opportunity.

Depending on where you live, March can be the time to start thinking summer is around the corner. For some, that may not happen until April — maybe even May. When spring starts blooming and the days get longer and warmer, you might find your thoughts turning to your Strong Spas time.

Your spa, just like your yard, needs cleaning up in the spring. It needs a sprucing up to prepare for all the good times you will spend in it that are just around the corner.

Getting started on spring cleaning

It doesn’t matter if you use your hot tub during the winter or left it dormant. These easy steps are designed to ensure your Strong Spas experience will be fun, relaxing, and enjoyable for months to come.

The first thing to do is to clean around your tub and make sure it’s a clean area to work in. Leaves, dirt, twigs and other materials should be swept away before you start cleaning. You may even need to trim away shrubs and clear out any weeds that had crept in.

If you haven’t drained your spa over the winter, now is the time to do it and give it a good flush. To ensure the spa’s plumbing is free of build-up, we recommend using a spa system flush to clean out any gunk and stagnant water. The process is to drain and flush your spa and then give it a thorough cleaning before you refill it.

Even if you’ve already drained your spa for the winter, it’s still a good time to give it a flush to purge any stagnant water or buildup. Make sure to clean your spa cover and ensure it’s free of any mold or mildew.

A thorough spa cleaning and check the filter

When your spa is drained and dried, be sure to give it a deep, thorough cleaning that cleans out any molds or mildew or dirt. You can also give it a polish. Next, be sure to check the pumps, motors, valves, pipes, and the casings on the filters for rust, leaking, or if there’s any dirt or materials that have built up. In some cases if parts are damaged, you should replace them or you may need to call a technician to make repairs.

Next up is the filter. The filter shouldn’t be frayed or have materials that are coming apart. If that’s the case, replace it. Cleaning a filter in good condition is as simple as spraying it thoroughly with water to rid it of foreign materials that will clog it or cause buildup.

Getting the right chemical balance

Now that you’ve cleaned your spa, it’s time to refill it and ensure it’s running properly. Check all the jets and run through the various components making sure the pumps and filter are working properly.

The last thing to do before you enjoy a therapeutic Strong Spas soak is to check the water to ensure you have the right chemical balance. You can use testing strips or a water test kit to check the alkaline and acid levels and ensure your spa has the proper chemical balance.

When you’re adding chemicals, be sure to closely follow directions and don’t add all the chemicals at once. That will defeat the purpose of testing the water and getting the right chemical balance. We recommend continuing to check the chemical balance regularly, particularly because it’s likely you’ll be using your Strong Spas spa frequently.

Whatever your motivation for investing in a Strong Spas spa, whether it’s for relaxation, hydrotherapy, the spa lifestyle, sharing moments with family and friends, or a quite soak, or all of the above, a little spring cleaning will go a long way toward ensuring a great summer of soaking.

You’ve made the decision to invest in a Strong Spas hot tub, which we think is very wise. You’ve picked the right spa for you and your lifestyle, whether it’s from our Elements, Premium, Summit, or Durasport series.

Now comes the next step: Incorporating your spa into your home and landscaping and creating a back yard getaway, or a back yard retreat, however you want to look at it. Whatever your viewpoint, rest assured that a spa enriches back yard living for homeowners like you.

Enhance your “homescape” with a Strong Spas hot tub

First things first. A Strong Spas hot tub can be an enhancing element of sophistication to your landscape design that can increase the value of your home.

A study by noted Virginia Tech Horticulturist Alex X. Niemiera found that home landscapes with an “appealing” design can significantly increase the perceived home value and can differentiate a home in a subdivision where house styles are similar.

You have a centerpiece with your Strong Spas hot tub. Now you are ready to take the next step.

Important considerations in adding a spa to your home

Some things to consider when you’re planning your back yard spa getaway:

  • Do you envision your spa as the feature of a smaller, intimate setting, or do you plan on hosting get togethers?
  • Do you want more of a natural setting with plants or a privacy structure, like a gazebo or even a pergola?
  • Do you want your spa out in the open or more enclosed?
  • If you don’t already have a patio or deck, which would you prefer? And would it be more of an in ground look or would you incorporate steps up to your spa?
  • Other options include wood or stone as features or surrounds to accentuate your spa’s charm.

Incorporating into the backyard or creating a personalized environment

It often depends on where you live and how you want to use your Strong Spas hot tub in deciding whether to leave it out in the open or enclose it. Enclosures such as a pergola or a gazebo are perfect for protection from the elements, whether it’s sun or rain.

When it comes to landscaping, before setting your hot tub check out the various views. Pick different spots and see if you have a preference of a view or background surroundings while considering what’s around your future hot tub. For example, are there mature trees that offer shade, but also may drop leaves? That can play a role in your spa placement.

Do you want your hot tub to blend into the surrounding environment? Or would you prefer to create an inviting environment and personalize your hot tub experience?

If you’re looking for easy ways to provide privacy, a trellis may be an option. If you go that route, many people like climbing plants to accent the trellis. If that’s the case, be sure to research plants to find the best ones for where you live, and if they’re a good fit for your intended purpose. After all, you don’t want to pick a climbing plant that will turn your space into a jungle if that’s not what you’re after.

Other considerations for adding a spa to your back yard include if you need something that is handicap accessible, or may need to be depending on whom you expect to enjoy your spa experience with you.

The best part of all this thinking and planning is knowing the end result isn’t far off. You’ll soon be relaxing and recharging in your Strong Spas hot tub in the perfect environment. And best of all, you have made an investment that pays off personally, physically, and financially.

Hydrotherapy has been an essential element of health and wellness since at least the time of Hippocrates. The Greek father of medicine wrote extensively about hydrotherapy, which is essentially the use of water to relieve discomfort and promoting physical well-being.

For Hippocrates, a good, warm bath “soothes the pain in the side, chest and back,” he wrote. He also described how it improved respiration, soothed joint pain, was good for the skin and “removes heaviness of the head.”

From Greece, the Romans took hydrotherapy to another level. In ancient Rome, wealthy Roman citizens were perpetually lauded if they left money in their will for public baths. A soothing, restorative soak in a heated bath was a staple of Roman life in many of Rome’s cities 2,000 years ago.

Today, the benefits of hydrotherapy and a soak in heated water don’t require a trip into town like it did for the Romans. Strong Spas delivers health and wellness with the benefits of hydrotherapy right to your house.

Here’s a list of proven health and wellness benefits you can enjoy with a Strong Spas hot tub.


An estimated 50 to 70 million Americans have sleep disorders, according to the CDC. But studies have shown sleep can be improved with hydrotherapy. One study showed a hot soak improved the sleep of female insomniacs.  Another study linked immersion in hot water for at least 20-30 minutes with easing depression and improving sleep quality.

The formula for improved sleep is simple: Soak in a Strong Spas hot tub to relax, improve your outlook and relieve stress that can cause you to be unable to sleep.

Muscle Soreness

Sore muscles aren’t restricted to people engaged in strenuous work such as building houses or landscaping. Sore muscles can occur from occupational work whether it’s physically demanding or even sitting in a chair for extended periods. Whether it’s exercise or cramped working conditions, anyone and everyone can suffer from sore muscles.

That’s why a soak in a Strong Spas hot tub is so beneficial. In addition to the soothing benefits of hot water, the buoyancy of water reduces the weight that joints, bones and muscles have to bear. The warmth of the water and the pressure of the jets directed at key muscles and joints in a Strong Spas hot tub reduces swelling and improves muscle relaxation. There’s also a link between hydrotherapy and pain relief.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is common, very debilitating and can severely impact the quality of life of millions of Americans, particularly those over the age of 45. But it’s been proven that hydrotherapy, such as daily soaks in a Strong Spas hot tub, can treat lower back and ease the suffering.

Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief

Hydrotherapy is recognized as an effective way to relieve the debilitating and painful effects of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The swelling and stiffness, as well as lowered joint motion, caused by arthritis can be eased with the therapeutic hydrotherapy of a Strong Spas hot tub.

One study showed that hydrotherapy produced the greatest improvement in relief of rheumatoid arthritis as compared to exercise. The improvements came after just two 30-minute soaks a week over the course of several months.


Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that cause widespread muscle pain all over the body in which the muscles and even joints can be tender to the touch. It also can cause severe fatigue and sleep issues. An estimated 8 percent of the population over the age of 40 have fibromyalgia and 75 percent of those suffer from poor sleep quality, according to the National Institutes of Health.

In a study of 30 female patients with fibromyalgia between the ages of 30 and 65, hydrotherapy was shown to improve sleep quality, physical function, professional status, psychological disorders and physical symptoms.

Stress and Anxiety

Unfortunately, we are all well acquainted with stress and anxiety. Work, commuting, deadlines, alarm clocks, emails, bills, family life, keeping up with the Jones’ on social media, always “connected” with smartphones … the list goes on. One study by the American Psychological Association found a link between technology use and stress.

A Strong Spas hot tub is an excellent way to soak away stress and anxiety. The combination of hot water, strategically placed, soothing jets that massage your body, expertly designed and manufactured built-in amenities such as cup holders and ice buckets, and ease of use of your Strong Spas hot tub, make for an exceedingly pleasant and relaxing end of your day.

Strong Spas Makes it Easy for You

Now that you know how beneficial a Strong Spas hot tub can be to improving your quality of life, introduce yourself to our hot tubs. Manufactured to the highest specifications right here at our production facility in Pennsylvania, you can count on the superior design and handcrafted quality of a Strong Spas hot tub to help improve your health and wellness.

Please check out our brochure to start you on the path of Strong Spas ownership.

In the hot tub and spa industry, we think there’s one product in particular that rises above the crowd and tops all other products and manufacturers. It’s the one that everyone is talking about because of its quality, easy maintenance and incredible features.

In short, it’s a hot tub and spa lover’s dream and the destination of choice for a therapeutic, relaxing and reinvigorating soak.

We’re talking about the Strong Spas Premium Series Madrid 60. It’s our top-selling hot tub and spa and is the number one choice for second-time buyers.

You read that correctly: The number one choice for second-time hot tub and spa buyers. We’re giving you free insider’s information by telling you how popular the Madrid is among people who are making their second hot tub and spa purchase. This is so valuable because they’re the ones who know exactly what they’re looking for and know precisely what they want.

Why second-time buyers like the Madrid

Second-time buyers can be pretty savvy when it comes to buying a hot tub and spa. They know all too well things not to like about owning a tub and spa because maybe the first time around they didn’t buy from Strong Spas.

That means they didn’t get our signature DURA-SHIELD™ hardcover. Instead they bought a model with a soft cover, which really is nothing more than a dealer’s way to charge a hot tub and spa owner another $300 to $500 every two to three years when they need to replace it. (Link:

This is exactly why our hot tubs and spas with a hardcover are an essential feature for second-time buyers. You buy it once and you never have to replace it. It has everything you want in a hot tub and spa cover — and probably more.

What you’ll like about it is it’s super protective, built to protect your hot tub and spa from all kinds of weather and other things that may damage your happy place. It’s durable and safe, so you get peace of mind.

The Madrid means hot tub and spa efficiency

Our DURA-SHIELD™ hardcover is as easy to open as a car door. You read that right: The Strong Spas DURA-SHIELD™ hardcover is as easy to open as a car door. That’s a huge selling point right there, anyone who’s struggled to lift and remove their hot tub cover knows.

Another key point is the DURA-SHIELD™ hardcover retains more heat. That means lower energy bills and money in your pocket. Who doesn’t like saving on energy bills and more money?

With the Madrid, though, we don’t stop with the DURA-SHIELD™ hardcover.  Dura might as well be the Madrid’s middle name.

Madrid features the DURA-LAST™ Cabinet and DURA-BASE™. The DURA-LAST™ Cabinet is really what made Strong Spas what we are today.

The DURA-LAST™ Cabinet was the first to market to use the innovative rotational molding cabinet system with an acrylic shell. We’re still the only hot tub and spa manufacturer in the world that has this level of technology-driven innovation.

When you combine all these features, it creates the a hot tub and spa that recycles heat like nothing else on the market. It’s super-efficient and gives you the added bonus of much lower energy costs.

Here’s why:

—The thickness of the acrylic shell is the best on the market

—Our Strong Spas proprietary foam fill between the components and a cabinet matched with the base that’s 10 times thicker than the standard base causes the heat to stay in the hot tub and spa.

That’s heat that stays in the hot tub and spa for you to enjoy.

It’s why everyone is talking about the Strong Spas Premium Series Madrid 60. And why right now you probably are too.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, here’s more information on the Strong Spas Premium Series Madrid 60: