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G-2 Legend

Unplug and Rejuvenate

Unplug and rejuvenate. Unwind and recharge. We’ve reimagined hydrotherapy to bring you everything you’ve imagined in a hot tub.

Say Hello to a Legend!



G-2 Legend 28-Jet

Step up and step in… then recline in style and luxury. Our Durasport G-2 Legend 28-Jet Lounger model is equipped to let you fully stretch out for a stress-free soaking experience. With seating for 5-6, the Legend has all the features that define luxury. With an innovative foldaway step and towel holder feature, captivating LED lighting and LED water columns and 28 two-tone stainless steel jets for a personal hydromassage, you’ll find it easy to elevate your hydroptherapy enjoyment.

G-2 Legend Luxury 36-Jet
Share your hydrotherapy pleasure with 5-6 of your family and friends. Our Durasport Legend Luxury 36 has all the built-in components that make entertaining and hosting easy. With luxurious features like our built-in, foldaway step and towel holder feature, LED lighting, LED water columns, upgraded pump and 36 two-tone stainless steel jets, you’ll experience a new level of hydrotherapy.

G-2 Legend Luxury 36-JetG-2 Legend 28-Jet
Jets36 Two Tone Stainless Steel28 Two Tone Stainless Steel
Seat Capacity5-65-6

spa/hardcover max 82x86x39”/ 208x218x99cm


spa/hardcover max 82x86x39”/ 208x218x99cm

Average Spa Volume300 USG/1135L300 USG/1135L
Dry Weight600 lbs./193kg600 lbs./193kg
Total Filled Weight3108 lbs. /1330kg3108 lbs. /1330kg
Pump5.0 BHP N.Amer/ 2.5 HP Euro2.0 BHP N.Amer/ 2.5 HP Euro
Filtration50 sq. ft. cartridge50 sq. ft. cartridge
Electrical North America240V/60HZ120V/60HZ Plug & Play
Electrical International230V/50HZ230V/50HZ
Lights3” Underwater + 8 LED s3” Underwater + 8 LED s
Water FeatureDual LED Water ColumnsDual LED Water Columns
Water Purification SystemOzoneOzone
ColorsCobblestone Resin Shell with Portobello Rock PanelsCobblestone Resin Shell with Portobello Rock Panels
Foldaway Steps & Towel Holder FeatureIncludedIncluded
BaseIncludes Integrated Premium Pedestal BaseIncludes Integrated Premium Pedestal Base
DURA-SHIELD™ HardCover with Lift AssistOptionalOptional


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G-2 Legend 28-Jet

Seats 5-6

G-2 Legend Luxury 36-Jet

Seats 5-6

Cabinet Color


Naturally distinctive and bold, our Cobblestone cabinet combines Old World style and flair with New World technology. Our cobblestone is a maintenance-free resin cabinet with a limited lifetime guarantee!

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