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G-2 Legend

Unplug and Rejuvenate

Unplug and rejuvenate. Unwind and recharge. We’ve reimagined hydrotherapy to bring you everything you’ve imagined in a hot tub.

Say Hello to a Legend!



G-2 Legend 28-Jet

Step up and step in… then recline in style and luxury. Our Durasport G-2 Legend 28-Jet Lounger model is equipped to let you fully stretch out for a stress-free soaking experience. With seating for 5-6, the Legend has all the features that define luxury. With an innovative foldaway step and towel holder feature, captivating LED lighting and LED water columns and 28 two-tone stainless steel jets for a personal hydromassage, you’ll find it easy to elevate your hydroptherapy enjoyment.

G-2 Legend Luxury 36-Jet
Share your hydrotherapy pleasure with 5-6 of your family and friends. Our Durasport Legend Luxury 36 has all the built-in components that make entertaining and hosting easy. With luxurious features like our built-in, foldaway step and towel holder feature, LED lighting, LED water columns, upgraded pump and 36 two-tone stainless steel jets, you’ll experience a new level of hydrotherapy.

G-2 Legend 28-JetG-2 Legend Luxury 36-Jet
Seat Capacity5-65-6

spa/hardcover max 82x86x39”/ 208x218x99cm


spa/hardcover max 82x86x39”/ 208x218x99cm

Average Spa Volume300 USG/1135L300 USG/1135L
Dry Weight600 lbs./193kg600 lbs./193kg
Total Filled Weight3108 lbs. /1330kg3108 lbs. /1330kg
Pump2.0 BHP N.Amer/ 2.5 HP Euro5.0 BHP N.Amer/ 2.5 HP Euro
Filtration50 sq. ft. cartridge50 sq. ft. cartridge
Electrical North America120V/60HZ Plug & Play240V/60HZ
Electrical International230V/50HZ230V/50HZ
Jets28 Two Tone Stainless Steel36 Two Tone Stainless Steel
Lights3” Underwater + 8 LED s3” Underwater + 8 LED s
Water FeatureDual LED Water ColumnsDual LED Water Columns
Water Purification SystemOzoneOzone
ColorsCobblestone Resin Shell with Portobello Rock PanelsCobblestone Resin Shell with Portobello Rock Panels
HardCover with Lift AssistOptionalOptional
BaseIncludes Integrated Premium Pedestal BaseIncludes Integrated Premium Pedestal Base
Foldaway Steps & Towel Holder FeatureIncludedIncluded


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Durasport G2 Diamond Spa

G-2 Legend 28-Jet

Seats 5-6

G-2 Legend Luxury 36-Jet

Seats 5-6

Cabinet Color


Naturally distinctive and bold, our Cobblestone cabinet combines Old World style and flair with New World technology. Our cobblestone is a maintenance-free resin cabinet with a limited lifetime guarantee!

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