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Dura-Shield HardCover



Strong Spas’ Latest Innovation is Here

We took the strength and durability of our Dura-Shield™ HardCover and combined it with our newest innovation to make your hot tub experience even better! The Fully-Automated Dura-Shield HardCover is the pinnacle of convenience. Now you can effortlessly open and close your cover with just the turn of a key. You’ve never seen anything like this…

Available on Select Models

The Fully-Automated Dura-Shield™ is now available with the Elements Series and the Summit Series.

Relaxation with the Turn of a Key

Industry-First  •  UL Approved  •  CE Listed

Strong Spas’ Fully-Automated HardCover is on the cutting edge of hot tub technology, providing the spa owner with effortless relaxation, while the new, UL Approved/CE Listed design is safe, protecting your hot tub and your loved ones.

Fully-Automated Dura-Shield HardCover

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