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One Spa.
Many Moments.

For us, the big picture is condensed down to one thing: ensuring our family of Strong Spas owners experience unsurpassed satisfaction and contentment.

That plays out in the belief that some things can’t be mass produced. We pay attention to details, even the tiniest ones. Because our ironclad commitment to quality isn’t negotiable and is reflected in our satisfied customers and high consumer product and owner ratings.

Our commitment to quality is why we handcraft our Strong Spas hot tubs in the nine separate phases at our manufacturing plant in Northumberland, Pa. It’s a pledge backed in writing — literally.

We create the Strong Spas.

You create the memories.

One Spa. Many Moments.

A Strong spas owner understands how priceless moments lead to lifelong memories.


We live in a time when we’re all working harder and longer and are “connected” for seemingly 24 hours a day. As a Strong Spas owner you can take some time for yourself to decompress, relax, and enjoy the peace. Anytime you want.


As a Strong Spas owner, we make it easy to do something enjoyable with your spouse, kids, or even the whole family. Revel in actual face time with your family and make the connections and memories that last a lifetime.


You have friends, right? Well there’s your special occasion as a Strong Spas owner. Invite your friends over anytime and make the moments with them special occasions that are priceless.

Some things can’t

be mass produced.


Relationships take time and Strong Spas give you a reason to spend time together. Whether you’re just starting out or enjoying decades together, we help put the magic and memories in your relationships.


For those who are active, a soak in a Strong Spas hot tub is restorative and therapeutic. The hot water helps deliver heat that can promote temporary pain relief from exercising. And the natural buoyancy of the water reduces the strain on your joints. Not to mention how relaxing it is to soak those aching joints and tense muscles after a stressful day of work.


A Strong Spas hot tub has jets delivering focused streams of water packing warm air that act as a therapeutic massage. And you control the pressure of the flow and intensity of the massage. The varying nozzles, pressures, configurations and quantities are expertly designed with the body in mind. Whether it’s the neck, back, spine, wrists, calves, feet, or arms, a Strong Spas hot tub’s jets act as a trained masseuse to soothe muscles any time you need relief.

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