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With our 3-layer shell design, peeling, cracks, and delamination are a thing of the past. Your Strong spa will maintain its smooth, glossy surface and inviting look with a minimum of fuss and care.

Lucite Acrylic + ABS Backing + Rigidizing Layer = 10x Stronger than Fiberglass

Industry Leading Warranty

Strong Spas backs its confidence in the StrongBond and reinforced acrylic shell by providing you with an industry-leading warranty – providing not only a sleek look and feel, but also peace of mind.

No Delamination

A delamination (‘bubble’ formation in the shell) occurs when water permeates between the acrylic shell and the substrate. Strong spas use a unique ABS-backed acrylic sheet that is both mechanically and chemically bonded together to prevent this permeation and prevent bubbles or delaminations.

Environmentally-Friendly Process

NO fiberglass means NO dangerous VOCs!

Fiberglass contains the neuro-toxin styrene, which emits a terrible odor and is highly toxic; our shell reinforcement contains NO fiberglass, protecting our customers and our employees.

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